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Secretary General's Message

Secretary General's message

(Ms. Anuja Bansal)

Dear Friend,

Heartiest congratulations to everyone to have crossed yet another milestone in the journey of SOS India. At SOS Hermann Gmeiner School, we constantly endeavor to inculcate great values and beliefs in all our students, to help them grow up to be responsible citizens of tomorrow. After all, children are our hope for a brighter future for the country.

I would also like to take this opportunity to talk about SOS Children's Villages of India, the parent Organization of Hermann Gmeiner Schools. SOS India works relentlessly towards empowering and shaping lives of once parentless and abandoned children from across the nation. And there is no better way to empower a child for life than education, this is where the Hermann Gmeiner School steps in, where along with academics, the co-curricular activities are also taking care of many children from all backgrounds. Our goal is to help children reach out for their dreams and strive to achieve them through focus and determination.

As we progress with each year, the school's legacy of setting new standards of excellence continues. I take this opportunity to congratulate the students, teachers and Principal of SOS Hermann Gmeiner School for the remarkable academic results achieved in 2016. I hope, moving forward, the students would continue to excel in academics and in all forms of extracurricular activities. May every child shine and brighten our world always.

I wish you success and progress.

(Ms. Anuja Bansal)

Secretary General


Director Schools & Education

Director Schools & Education

Jyotsna Saxena

Oscar Wilde said "The aim of life is self-development, to realize one's nature perfectly." Yes, Education is all about transformation of the self- both mind and body.

Education is all about identifying and realizing one's potentials by utilizing the opportunities available both in the school and at home. For a student, school life is all about an ocean of opportunities. Anyone who grabs these opportunities and tries to shine is successful. This is possible only through experiential and value based learning which leads to healthy mind, strong physique and good character with balanced emotional state.

Hermann Gmeiner School provides plethora of opportunities for self development for mind and for body which includes Inter HGS competitions, exposure to National & State level competitions in cultural, sports & literary arena. The students of SOS Hermann Gmeiner schools have the earnest desire to work for the welfare of the community which not only instills values in students themselves but also empowers and sensitizes community around.

Jyotsna Saxena

Director Schools & Education

SOS Children's Villages of India, New Delhi


Principal's Message

Principal's Message

Subrata Kundu

Majority of people dream of being successful, yet it is only a few take this dream forward and actually works towards realizing the success they desire in their lives. For someone to be successful one needs to be ready, willing and able to work hard for it. It is important for a person to know the precise level of success he desires? His goals must also be smart, measurable, achievable, realistic and timed. If a person really wants to succeed in life, then nothing can ever stop him from achieving it. He must have a strong desire and an equally strong commitment to work towards achieving his objectives, should be very optimistic, with a sharp focus on potential and not problems and should always visualize the best possible outcome and benefits he wants to achieve and let this motivate and energize him to work towards it.

Hermann Gmeiner School has set up its own tradition of keeping Children motivated to channelize their energy into something constructive and enriching through Experiential learning with a strong focus of achieving learning objectives. Students are given projects/ assignments that require them to learn the necessary material themselves. The key to this is the ability to get the information they need anytime anywhere without being in the physical presence of a facilitator.