SOS Hermann Gmeiner School, Faridabad

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Required Primary/ Pre-Primary Teacher's

Qualification - B.Ed / ECCE
Minimum Experience - 1-3 Years

Included skill based courses from the session 2021-22 as per the guidelines of New Education Policy, 2020

Class IX
1. Introduction to Tourism
2. Banking & Insurance
3. Physical Activity Trainer
Class XI
1. Web Application
2. Mass Media

Class X Achievers

Bhoomi_Hans - 95.8%
Jamil Ahmed - 95%
Nikitaa Shukla - 94.2%
Eshaa Shukla - 94.2%
Kashish - 93.8%
Arju - 93.8%
Gautam Jha - 93.2%
Yash Kumar Jha - 92%
Saumya - 92.6%
Mayank Kumar - 91.4%
Harsh Maurya - 91.8%
Shristi Singh - 91%
Nandini - 91.6%
Aparna - 90%

Class XII Achievers

1. Purva Sharma - 96.2% (Science)
2. Muskan Hans- 95.2% (Science)
3. Lalit kumar- 94.2% (Science)
4. Nitin - 93.8% (Science)
5. Muskan Nimodia- 93.4% (Science)
6. Soni- 92.6% (Science)
7. Sanjay- 92.2% (Science)
8. Arpita Adak- 91.6% (Science)
9. Anuj Srivastava- 91.4% (Science)
10. Deepak Kumar Jha- 91.2% (Science)
11. Aditya Maurya- 90.8% (Science)
12. Ananya Malviya- 92% (Commerce)
13. Mayank Bhadana- 92% (Humanities)


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Admission open for session 2021-2022 for classes Nur-IX and XI.

Art Room

Art is a vital aspect of the learning methodology at Hermann Gmeiner School and is an integral part of the school’s curriculum. Art helps, in children gaining a new skill and this fosters confidence and imagination in the minds of the young learners. The Art Room is a place where the children are exposed to a learning environment, which garners their innate talent and creativity and gives them a space to express these in innovative ways. Art helps, in children gaining a new skill and this fosters confidence and imagination in the minds of the young learners. ways. The children are exposed to new ideas, different kinds of medium and interesting techniques used in the process of creating an art work. It also creates an opportunity for children to explore and experience learning in a fun way. The Art room is spacious, well equipped, well-lit and has floor tables, which bring back a traditional touch in the modern ways of learning today.

From an early age, children draw fulfillment and encouragement from expression through drawing and colours. At HGS we give careful attention to encourage children through the medium of Art. Regular art-based activities are organized for different ages to enhance children’s motivation and participation in art. Art is incorporated into the various themes during the year like special assemblies, festivals, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. Art is also offered in the choice of subjects to the students for grade 11 who would like to pursue higher education or a career path in art.