Facilitating meetings that matter 

Introduction in how to plan, design and host meaningful conversations that convey results and commitment

What if meetings were a place where people come together to get really engaged, charged up and innovative about the challenges they're facing and the work they have to do? What if we could shift to a higher quality of meaningful dialogue that makes a difference in our work and our organisation? Get yourself inspired for experiencing and learning how to facilitate meetings that matter in order to create sustainable results, ownership and real commitment.

In this 2,5-day workshop, we will experience together the planning, implementation, and harvesting phases of a meeting and learn how the characteristics/specifics or these three stages can be handled:

Planning a meeting

  • What does it take to plan a meeting well based on clearly defined mandate and purpose?
  • What questions do I have to consider before the actual planning can start?
  • How to create an appealing meeting invitation and clear agenda?

Hosting a meeting

  • Which role does the facilitator play? How can facilitation be fun?
  • What can we learn from ‘Art of Hosting’ in order to make our meetings more effective?
  • How can we tap into the collective intelligence of a group?
  • What are different tools to generate ideas, work out solutions, lead decision-making or prioritization of processes?
  • How can we create ownership with participants and spark action by using participatory tools?

Following up on meeting results

  • How can we instantly document meeting results?
  • How can we create commitment for the follow-up and implementation of meeting results?
  • How can we evaluate a meeting and learn for following meetings?

Target Group

Co-workers responsible for organizing and/or leading meetings and workshops and in peer-to-peer knowledge sharing.


The course consists of a mix of short theoretical inputs, concrete exercises, group discussions and individual reflections. It offers space to experience practical examples.

Date and Location

  • On demand
  • Innsbruck, Hermann Gmeiner Academy


A group of people who are trained and experienced with facilitating meetings based on the Art of Hosting approach

What will you get out of it?

  • Your facilitation / hosting competencies are increased
  • You feel competent and enjoy using the different facilitating tools for your own workshops
  • You inspire engagement because you know how to involve others
  • You get good output because you’ve planned for it
  • You keep the lead in complex processes because you focus on single process steps
  • You can co-create your own workshop design with your peers


For more information please contact:

Mag. Irene Gleirscher
+43 512 3316 5671