SOS Hermann Gmeiner School, Faridabad

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Admission open for session 2021-2022 for classes Nur-IX and XI.


For Current Openings, mail your resume at ""

Class XII Achievers

Avinash - 93.4% (Science)
Kajal Singh - 92.4% (Commerce)
Supriya - 96.6% (Humanities)

Class X Achievers

Shivam Sharma - 96%
Diya Guglani - 93%
Mahenoor Sayyed - 91.4%
Shivam Bansal - 91%


As the saying goes, 'A fit body means a fit mind', our school has a gymnasium which is open for students to reduce their stress levels and improve their physical fitness. It also allows students to develop healthy habits that are beneficial throughout life. The risk of chronic disease later in life is decreased with physical activity. Students who participate in physical activity have improved learning tendencies and are more alert in the classroom. Immune function is increased and stress levels decrease after physical activity. It also leads to endorphin production. During gym class, one is involved in a lot of physical exertion which causes endorphins to be released in your brain. So by engaging in physical activity, one is releasing a lot of endorphins and will experience more positivity and a better mood and outlook.

We have in our gym, machines like treadmill, Exercising cycle, bench press, back let pull down machine, butterfly machine and more which help students understand and learn about different areas of focus while working out.