Hermann Gmeiner School, Faridabad

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Required Primary/ Pre-Primary Teacher's

Qualification - B.Ed / ECCE
Minimum Experience - 1-3 Years

Included skill based courses from the session 2021-22 as per the guidelines of New Education Policy, 2020

Class IX
1. Introduction to Tourism
2. Banking & Insurance
3. Physical Activity Trainer
Class XI
1. Web Application
2. Mass Media

Class X Achievers

Bhoomi_Hans - 95.8%
Jamil Ahmed - 95%
Nikitaa Shukla - 94.2%
Eshaa Shukla - 94.2%
Kashish - 93.8%
Arju - 93.8%
Gautam Jha - 93.2%
Yash Kumar Jha - 92%
Saumya - 92.6%
Mayank Kumar - 91.4%
Harsh Maurya - 91.8%
Shristi Singh - 91%
Nandini - 91.6%
Aparna - 90%

Class XII Achievers

1. Purva Sharma - 96.2% (Science)
2. Muskan Hans- 95.2% (Science)
3. Lalit kumar- 94.2% (Science)
4. Nitin - 93.8% (Science)
5. Muskan Nimodia- 93.4% (Science)
6. Soni- 92.6% (Science)
7. Sanjay- 92.2% (Science)
8. Arpita Adak- 91.6% (Science)
9. Anuj Srivastava- 91.4% (Science)
10. Deepak Kumar Jha- 91.2% (Science)
11. Aditya Maurya- 90.8% (Science)
12. Ananya Malviya- 92% (Commerce)
13. Mayank Bhadana- 92% (Humanities)


For Current Openings, mail your resume at "hgsfaridabad2016@gmail.com"


Admission open for session 2021-2022 for classes Nur-IX and XI.

Pre-Primary (LKG & UKG)

Pre-Primary Schooling is said to be an unavoidable part of learning for each child as these are the first steps towards a whole world of knowledge. Pre-primary prepare students for school by encouraging curiosity, exploration, and active learning. It is the space where students learn to explore and discover the world around them.

Hermann Gmeiner School has introduced Project-based learning, for their pre-primary students.Our New Education Policy 2020 also recommends project-based learning and learning of life skills at an early age.No doubt, PBL empowers pre-primary students to follow learning by doing approach, to question, to think and to discover the world around them. It is through Project Based Learning that children not only learn academic content, but more importantly, they engage with real world problems.

At Hermann Gmeiner School, students learn by actively engaging with, real-world problem or question. For example, instead of learning about how plants grow through reading a book or having a teacher explain it to them, students learn it by growing the plant in a garden and observe plant growth over time.

PBL gives space for enquiry, exploration and discovery learning, it provides opportunity for learners to actively constructs their own knowledgeand collaborate with their peers to answers a driving question or solves a challenging problem.