Hermann Gmeiner School, Faridabad

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Required Primary/ Pre-Primary Teacher's

Qualification - B.Ed / ECCE
Minimum Experience - 1-3 Years

Included skill based courses from the session 2021-22 as per the guidelines of New Education Policy, 2020

Class IX
1. Introduction to Tourism
2. Banking & Insurance
3. Physical Activity Trainer
Class XI
1. Web Application
2. Mass Media

Class X Achievers

Bhoomi_Hans - 95.8%
Jamil Ahmed - 95%
Nikitaa Shukla - 94.2%
Eshaa Shukla - 94.2%
Kashish - 93.8%
Arju - 93.8%
Gautam Jha - 93.2%
Yash Kumar Jha - 92%
Saumya - 92.6%
Mayank Kumar - 91.4%
Harsh Maurya - 91.8%
Shristi Singh - 91%
Nandini - 91.6%
Aparna - 90%

Class XII Achievers

1. Purva Sharma - 96.2% (Science)
2. Muskan Hans- 95.2% (Science)
3. Lalit kumar- 94.2% (Science)
4. Nitin - 93.8% (Science)
5. Muskan Nimodia- 93.4% (Science)
6. Soni- 92.6% (Science)
7. Sanjay- 92.2% (Science)
8. Arpita Adak- 91.6% (Science)
9. Anuj Srivastava- 91.4% (Science)
10. Deepak Kumar Jha- 91.2% (Science)
11. Aditya Maurya- 90.8% (Science)
12. Ananya Malviya- 92% (Commerce)
13. Mayank Bhadana- 92% (Humanities)


For Current Openings, mail your resume at "hgsfaridabad2016@gmail.com"


Admission open for session 2021-2022 for classes Nur-IX and XI.

Principal's Message

Principal's Message

Subrata Kundu

Majority of people dream of being successful, yet it is only a few take this dream forward and actually works towards realizing the success they desire in their lives. For someone to be successful one needs to be ready, willing and able to work hard for it. It is important for a person to know the precise level of success he desires? His goals must also be smart, measurable, achievable, realistic and timed. If a person really wants to succeed in life, then nothing can ever stop him from achieving it. He must have a strong desire and an equally strong commitment to work towards achieving his objectives, should be very optimistic, with a sharp focus on potential and not problems and should always visualize the best possible outcome and benefits he wants to achieve and let this motivate and energize him to work towards it.

Hermann Gmeiner School has set up its own tradition of keeping Children motivated to channelize their energy into something constructive and enriching through Experiential learning with a strong focus of achieving learning objectives. Students are given projects/ assignments that require them to learn the necessary material themselves. The key to this is the ability to get the information they need anytime anywhere without being in the physical presence of a facilitator.