Storytelling supports change and learning 

  • Can I tell a story about anything? Isn’t my topic too dry?  
  • How can I facilitate learning from a story?  
  • What does it take to find an inspiring story? 
  • How can I start developing a story? How can I craft a story? 
  • How can I support someone else in finding and crafting his/her story? 

This half-day session will give you the opportunity to experience the power of story. There are endless ways of how you can use Storytelling. In our mini workshop we focus on the topics of change and knowledge transfer through storytelling.  You will learn why you are already a storyteller and so are the people around you. All you need to do is become aware of it, polish your skills and create the space and the processes for others to share so stories come to life. While attentively listening to an interesting story you will learn:  

  • What makes it a story? 
  • How to facilitate a Storytelling session  
  • When is Storytelling the method of your choice as opposed to e.g. Powerpoint? 
  • What is crucial in the role of being a Storyteller? 
  • How to address a certain audience and keep their attention high.  
  • How to integrate Storytelling in my day-to-day working context. 

Target Group

  • Co-workers who want to foster sustainable learning 
  • Co-workers interested in learning more about Storytelling for knowledge sharing and change  
  • Especially designed for people who participated in the workshop “meetings that matter”


The workshop consists of very short theoretical inputs, experience-based learning tools as well as individual reflections. It offers a little space to work on practical examples. 


Mag. Irene Gleirscher, Team Leader Adult Training, Hermann Gmeiner Academy and
Margret Steixner, Intercultural Perspectives, Vienna, see  

What will you get out of it? 

  • You enhance your understanding of how to uncover hidden knowledge and share experience  
  • You reflect on ways how to apply Storytelling in fostering sustainable development and change  
  • You learn how stories help us explore what we already know (implicitly) 
  • You exercise the ability and experience the power of dedicated listening 
  • You learn how stories can stimulate creative thoughts, actions and alternatives 


For more information please contact:

Mag. Irene Gleirscher
+43 512 3316 5671