SOS Hermann Gmeiner School, Faridabad

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Admission open for session 2021-2022 for classes Nur-IX and XI.


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Class XII Achievers

Avinash - 93.4% (Science)
Kajal Singh - 92.4% (Commerce)
Supriya - 96.6% (Humanities)

Class X Achievers

Shivam Sharma - 96%
Diya Guglani - 93%
Mahenoor Sayyed - 91.4%
Shivam Bansal - 91%


HGS Faridabad-Hermann Gmeiner School, one of The Five Best Schools in Faridabad

Education is what remains after one has forgotten what he has learnt in school. SOS children’s villages started the project of Hermann Gmeiner Schools to cater to the needs of SOS children’s with the first and one of the best in infra structure, fee and education in SOS ENCLAVE sector 29 Faridabad. The main focus of the school is character development, all round development and academic excellence. The aim is to create balanced personalities to meet the challenges of life. The school has successfully completed 35 years of excellence.

The school was inaugurated in the year 1990 by Mr. Helmut Kutin. The brain child of a German architect, with two magnificent buildings. the main building a masterpiece of architectural splendour with spacious, octagonal classrooms and modern amenities. The open air audi in front of the building, one of its kind, is used for school prayer and co-curricular activities.

School Assembly

The school takes pride in its morning assembly, each day begins with entire school community, teachers, students and other employees offer prayers, to develop oneness of all religions and patriotism in the students.

Over the years it has become a part and parcel of every individual where birthdays are celebrated; cards and wishes shared. Special assemblies to celebrate the festivals like Deepawali, Eid, Christmas with religious fervour. Morning assembly also includes theme based plays,nukkadnataks eg. BETI BACHAO, SWATTCH BHARAT, POLLUTION IN NCR, WATER CONSERVATION, SAFETY AND SECURITY and many more, giving an insight of the various social issues that need to be pondered and dealt immediately.

Dignitaries, Alumni, Young Achievers who have left a mark on society are invited to speak in the assembly to inspire our students to excel in the field they wish to choose.


The school has a spacious well-furnished and ventilated Laboratories for the departments of Chemistry, Physics, and Biology.

The school has added computer Lab (equipping students with necessary computing skills), Maths lab(where students experiment and explore ideas), technolibrary, a state of the art Gym (with qualified instructors) Robotics lab (students create robots of their own).

Primary Education

The objective of the primary education at the outset was to achieve three R’s LITERACY, NUMERACY, TECHNOCRACY. The curriculum was designed around Social,Environment and Scientific Education also including Art and craft,Visual arts, Music and Drama.later on stress was also laid on Social, personal and Health Education. Recently PBL (PROJECT BASED LEARNING) has been introduced.

It provides an integrated approach to teaching and learning.Students learn and achieve far more and betterthan traditional methods. It includes all daily activities, transitions and routines which have a routine which have an impact on the child’s physical,social,emotional,intellectual and language development. It fosters comparison categorising and pattern finding – building blocks of the scientific method. The educators tiptoe through the students - without trampling the curriculum standards.

Some Innovative Techniques

Self-reflection in the classroom -

By self reflection students analyze their strength and weakness which is a way for educators to look back on their teaching strategies to discover how and why they were teaching in a certain way and how their students responded.

Initiative classroom learning with Meditation and Warmup activities -

Enables the students to initiate their learning motivated and energized.

Painting, Puppetry, Claymodelling. Rangoli, Dramatics, Classical Dance, Craft, Vocal and instrumental Music. School Band, Poetry Composition, Photography and interactive classrooms.

Sports and Competitions

The school has ample sports and games amneties like football, table tennis, badminton. The fields are of standard dimensions and Multi-purpose Hall with light and sound systems is one of the pride possessions of the school.

The School takes part in CBSE competitions, inter school (Delhi, NCR) and has won accolades for the same in the past and the same continues in present.

Inter Hermann Gmeiner School Competitions

Students are provided a platform to exhibit their literary skills,sportstalents,creativity and innovations to share their experiences and make new friends .These are held annually on a rotational basis in various HERMANN GMEINER SCHOOLS.These include :

  • Inter H.G.S. Literary Competition.
  • Inter H.G.S. Science and Art Exhibition.
  • Inter H.G.S.Sports competition.

Awards and Accolades

HGS FARIDABAD has been awarded with the Best Teaching Excellence Award by INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL AWARD held at Dubai, UAE on 23 December 2018.

SOS Hermann Gmeiner School, Faridabad is one of the top 5 best schools in Faridabad. was conferred with Indian School Award 2018 as well as National School Awards 2018 the most socially active school. It was a big achievement for the school as we were one of the few out of 650 schools who nominated at ISA and around 500 in NSA. The Awards gave us a mark that we are one of the best in the country.

Secondary and Senior Secondary: Some Glimpses

Gender Sensitivity & Anti-Bullying:

The ant bullying sessions were carried out throughout the session for 30-40 minutes duration. These sessions were fun, energised and powerful. The facilitator utilised a fusion of styles including role-play, games, improvisation and discussion. Students also witnessed several films that depicted acts of bullying and discussed whether (and how) the characters addressed the problem. Students also learnt about the bystander actions that targets of bullying report. In a speak up activity, In some brainstorming sessions, students discussed impact of bullying on individual and school as a whole and learnt safe ways to help a student who had been mistreated. Apart from these activities, the teachers also teach children about empathy, anger management, and effective conflict resolution. There is significant improvement noted in student’s behaviour.

Social Impact Activity:

Hgsfaridabad is one of the best 5 top school in Faridabad.

has been actively involved in social service and has sought ways to enhance this involvement. Tilak Nagar, an underprivileged area of Faridabad, to run adult literacy, skill development and awareness program. Adult literacy program and women empowerment for 50 women where we ensure that maximum number of women are enrolled and equipped for all battles of life. The objective of the program was to provide them basic level of literacy like identification and writing of English and Hindi alphabets and words, Math counting and addition and subtraction, how to write their names and uplifting of women beneficiaries to become economically strong. To achieve this target, students from primary to senior classes took part in this program by preparing teaching aids and lesson plans and teaching the syllabus through various methods. Our school also took an initiative to spread awareness about health and hygiene for which the team did a small workshop on health and hygiene in which they were taught the importance of health and what is the meaning of personal hygiene and importance of cleanliness of the surrounding areas. We tried to make them understand the importance of public sanitation among Youth. We carried this awareness program with 50 children.

Furthermore, a new initiative was also launched to financially uplift Tilak Nagar beneficiaries, they had started their own SHG group called SIYA SPICES. Social impact team is supporting this group by teaching them marketing strategies; providing support in doing advertisement through social media. The team organized a sale-cum-awareness counter of their products in HGS Faridabad during PTM where they got overwhelming support and generated the income of Rs. 10000 by selling spices.

Expression Classes

To give students a skill based training, school initiated expression classes free of cost. Students from class III to XI take part in these classes according to their interest. These include classical dance training of kathak and Bharatnatyam, instrumental training of Guitar, Keyboard and tabla. Training of Yoga and taekwondo.

Hgsfaridabad School is one of the Top 5 best school in Faridabad.