Appreciative Inquiry (AI)

  • What if asking questions from a particular angle helps you generate new ideas?  
  • What if this approach is able to reveal the best in people and leads to a change in systems?  
  • What if asking questions from a certain background would engage stakeholders in concrete operational steps of self-determined change?  
  • What if the underlying approach of asking questions supports you in identifying the real point of a challenging issue?  
  • What if your inquiry focusses on positive core strengths within your team, and the full potential behind the given challenge?  

This half-day session will give you the opportunity to learn about, and experience the difference between “normal questions” and questions that are asked from an appreciative inquiry angle. We will introduce basic assumptions behind appreciative inquiry and will explain the process cycle. You will have time for reflection and learn how you can best apply the appreciative inquiry approach in your working context.  

Target Group

  • Co-workers who want to positively influence processes, target setting and change processes by focusing on given strengths and resources;  
  • Co-workers interested in learning more about the appreciative inquiry approach.  
  • Especially designed for co-workers who participated in the workshop “meetings that matter” 


The workshop consists of a mix of short theoretical inputs, concrete exercises, group discussions and individual reflections. It offers space to experience practical examples. 


Mag. Irene Gleirscher, Team leader Adult Training, Hermann Gmeiner Academy and
Margret Steixner, Intercultural Perspectives, Vienna, see  

What will you get out of it? 

  • You enhance understanding of the power of questions and its implications in the AI process 
  • You reflect on ways how to apply Appreciative Inquiry  
  • You foster sustainable development and change  
  • You exercise the ability and experience the power of dedicated listening 
  • You can distinguish between problem solving and appreciative inquiry 


For more information please contact:

Mag. Irene Gleirscher
+43 512 3316 5671